Under The Radar

I’m not sure whether this guys is trying to give his GT-R the appearance of a black and white cookie or perhaps a police car but shit with that exterior I hope it at least goes fast.


photo heroic veloce

Seibon Mugen Style S2000 Hard Top

I’m loving everything about this S2000. I need a seibon hardtop ASAP.




The 350Z motor has more potential than anyone would like to admit but like any tuner platform there exists an Achilles heal. It’s deep within the 6 cylinders, that is it’s pistons and rods. Known to only support around 400+HP it is great that Wiseco and Eagle have developed a piston rod combo capable of pushing the Z into a level of performance on par with many super cars.


For those of you who like skinny white girls with random tattoos

K Series Mounted – Hasport

You can never lose using HAsport mounts.


HKS Beginner’s Guide to Tuning

Have you ever felt unease when presenting a question among friends and/or specialists regarding a facet of performance that everyone seemingly already understood? If this situation sounds grossly familiar fear not as HKS has recently published the “Beginner’s Guide to Tuning”


TE37SL on Subaru STi :D

Volk TE37SLs on an STI FTW


photocredit: Alex Zhao

Mantra most exercised by ricers.


GTR Club

When Nissan announced the R34 GTR’s retirement many Skyline enthusiasts’ hearts sunk but the debut of  the R35 GTR raised their spirits very, very quickly.


USDM Jam: Integra

This is how the Japanese are interpreting the current automotive culture in the United States. Flush Work Meisters, YEEE!


Caliber .223 Chess Set Awesomeness


I’d take any Advan wheel in SBC finish, no problem…


But I’d settle on TE37SLs 😛


Pan’d: USDM Integra GSR

It almost looks like this Acura Integra is stuck in time.


Street Fighter: Voltex’d Evo 9

Dressed to impress, this full Voltex’d Evo 9( (8*?) appears to not only instill fear in small children but also pack a punch. Part of me wants to believethere is an FP Red or FP Black in this animale.

Photo by John Zhang

Chop Drop: Nissan GT-R

Can’t wait ’til more people start lowering their GT-Rs to an unreasonable, yet incredibly attractive ride height.

source: NoLimitMotorsport.com

Unique Volk TE3s

An interesting take on Volk’s TE37s

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