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Cherry Blossom S2k

The only this car needs, visually speaking, are some craft square or APR mirrors.


Street Fighter: Voltex’d Evo 9

Dressed to impress, this full Voltex’d Evo 9( (8*?) appears to not only instill fear in small children but also pack a punch. Part of me wants to believethere is an FP Red or FP Black in this animale.

Photo by John Zhang

Top of the Morning to You: Top Fuel TA S2000

V-TEC just kicked in, yo!

V8 Lotus Exige- Extrema

The Lotus Exige may not appeal to everyone due to it focus on weight savings versus brute power but lets, just for a moment, imagine what it’d be like to have the best of both Worlds… This is what dreams are made of, 648BHP derived from a LS9 at 970kg almost seems unrealistic but the numbers speak for themselves; 60mph in 2.9 seconds, 100mph in 7 seconds!


Welcome: Team NA vs Team Turbo

Wanting to start off on the right foot, if you will, here is a a Hot Version International must watch, Team NA vs Team Turbo.